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Connecting to the IPMI console


  1. First, connect to the Intergrid IPMI VPN.
  2. Open the IP address of IPMI in the browser.
  3. Enter the Username and Password in the Login screen.
  4. Click on login to proceed.
  5. After login, a pop-up may appear “You need the latest Java(TM) Runtime Environment. Would you like to update now?” You do need to update the Java and you can safely press the “Cancel” button.
  6. Locate the "Remote Console Preview" frame - it is on the dashboard, in a black outlined box. Click on the screenshot of the server shown to download the "launch.jnlp" file. If no screenshot appears, click on the white area below the "Refresh Preview Image" box. 
  7. Open launch.jnlp using Java Web Start. A pop-up will display; you need to click on “Run” button to proceed.
  8. It will launch the console of the server and you can then login to server using the username and password.
  9. After finishing the work, remember to close the console and logout of the IPMI using the logout button    



After you open “launch.jnlp”, a pop-up may appear with the error “Application blocked by security settings”. To resolve this, the IPMI IP needs to be whitelisted in Java Security settings.

  1. Click on search button near the Windows icon and type “Configure Java”. Click on Configure Java. It will open Java control panel.
  2. Click on security tab and click Edit site list.
  3. Click the add button and enter the URL of IPMI in the location list.
  4. Click OK and a warning pop-up will appear. Click on Continue to accept.
  5. Click OK again.
  6. Restart the browser for the settings to take effect.
  7. Go to step 1 and enter the IP of IPMI in the browser.
  8. Follow the steps and now you will be able to launch the console.


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